In-Home Reiki Healing – OKC Metro

From: $45.00

Discover inner peace with our Reiki sessions: a holistic cleansing journey to balance energy, enhance well-being, and rejuvenate your spirit in your home.

Please let us know any needs, intentions, preferences, etc. for your session.

If you add aromatherapy, include any preferences or allergies in the details section.

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During this energy healing journey, your certified Reiki practitioner will harness the universal life force energy to revitalize your physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Leveraging the power of chakra-aligned crystals and immersive sound healing, the session seeks to balance your energy centers and foster a profound sense of peace and well-being.

This harmonizing experience is designed not just to alleviate stress and restore harmony, but also to empower you to navigate your personal journey of wellness with renewed vitality and clarity.

Book your session today and embrace the transformative power of distance reiki healing!

Personalized Reiki Healing and Chakra Alignment Session at the customer’s location in the OKC area.
15 Minutes – $45
30 Minutes – $65
45 Minutes – $85
60Minutes – $105
When booking please feel free to also book a free consultation to occur at least 1 day prior to the session for a truly personalized experience.
Outside OKC? Contact Us or see our Distance Reiki service.


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