Our Essential Oils

Essential Oil Blends

Sore Muscle Blend

Peppermint: Offers pain relief and helps reduce muscle soreness.
Ginger: Assists in pain relief and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Eucalyptus: Aids in pain relief and helps reduce stress.
Cypress: Supports relief from muscular pain.

Energy Blend

Grapefruit: Uplifting, helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
Lemongrass: Energizing and aids in pain relief.
Peppermint: Energizing, improves focus, and relieves pain.

Good Vibes Blend

Orange: Enhances mood and cognitive function.
Bergamot: Mood improvement and stress reduction.
Eucalyptus: Aids in stress relief and improves mental focus.

Fresh Blend

Eucalyptus: Provides respiratory relief and mental focus.
Peppermint: Offers respiratory relief and pain reduction.
Balsam Fir: Provides respiratory relief and mood improvement.

De-Stress Blend

Bergamot: Offers stress relief and mood improvement.
Clary Sage: Helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
Cypress: Provides stress relief.
Lime: Mood uplifting and stress reduction.
Spearmint: Reduces stress and anxiety.

Sweet Dreams Blend

Cedarwood: Promotes relaxation and improved sleep quality.
Lavender: Aids in improving sleep and reducing anxiety.

Better Mood Blend

Orange: Mood enhancement and pain relief.
Cinnamon Leaf: Anti-inflammatory and helps regulate blood sugar.
Lemongrass: Pain relief and mood enhancement.

Full List of Benefits
of our Essential Oils

Medical Note

It is important to note that we are not medical professionals.
We’ve simply done our best to summarize information, studies, etc. found on the internet. 
Magnesium supplements should only be used under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare provider, as they can have side effects and interactions with other medications.

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